Say goodbye

After 47 years, Great Britain leaves the European Union on January 31, 2020. The term Brexit, which derives from the crasis of two words: Britain and exit, refers to the country’s exit from the EU system. The term, which has now entered the language of common use, has become over time a synonym of profound uncertainty. The significance of Brexit, however, is not only technical: in fact, the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU will have consequences not only for the British but for the entire world economy. Much has been discussed about the practical repercussions that the nation’s exit from the EU system will entail for free movement, the transport of goods, trade, financial services and more. The signal launched by the people, first with the referendum in June 2016 and then again with the elections in December 2019, questioned the Europe project and immediately gave new life to the Eurosceptic parties. Eager to understand what were the reasons that motivated the voters, between January and February 2020 I decided to travel to the south of the country. Particularly between the cities of Portsmouth, Chichester, Winchester, Petersfield and Midhurst.